RE: problem with router cisco 2514

2000-06-19 08:12:58
Subject: RE: problem with router cisco 2514
From: Sean Davidson <sean.davidson AT mail.publix DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 08:12:58 -0400
Do a show arp and show ip route and post the number of lines in each table.
Chances are one of those is your problem.
Once you determine which table is causing the problem, you can proceed.

I had a similar problem w/ a Cisco 7507 using a static route tied to an
interface to tie two autonomous systems together. ARP table ended up w/
30,000+ entries. CPU went thru roof for 40 min when netmon polled for ARP

Here's example on how to disable arp table from being sent on router:

snmp-server view noarp iso included
snmp-server view noarp mib-2.3 excluded
snmp-server community public view noarp RO

I use that w/ SNMP V1 so that when netmon queries the variable to pull the
ARP table, the router doesn't respond.

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From: SABENA Mauricio DICEI [mailto:BAIMAS AT techint DOT net]
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Hello all.

I´m a new suscriber. First of all I would like to apologise for my
rudimentary english.

We have Netview 5.1.1 and Netview 6.

The problem is that the SNMP daemon uses 50 or 60 percent of the router cpu
when a demand poll is made in a Cisco 2514 ver 11.2(18).
I don´t have this problem with others routers.

I´ll be gratefull with any idea.


Mauricio E. Sabena
Organización Techint
baimas AT techint DOT net

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