RE: netmon and /etc/hosts ?

2000-06-15 15:07:16
Subject: RE: netmon and /etc/hosts ?
From: James_Shanks AT tivoli DOT com
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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 15:07:16 -0400
The table shows that 6000 lines of /etc/hosts is a disaster, no matter when you
read it, which is what I said.
As for the rest of it, I don't care.
My final comment is that if you have a name resolution problem on AIX 4.3.3 then
I would open a problem to AIX and have them help you solve it.  This is no
longer a NetView issue and I do not believe it ever was.

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
 Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

REIBENSCHUH Alfred <alfred.reibenschuh AT it-austria DOT com> on 06/15/2000 
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>Now I think what everyone has been telling you is that to make this fast,
>(a) put as many names found in NetView in DNS as possible, both forward and
>reverse lookups,
>(b) set up resolv.conf to  look in DNS first

ok, that could be done (with a huge amount of work)

>(c) make   /etc/hosts much smaller because searching the current one is
such a
>problem.  Only use this when you have to.

we have had no such problems under a F50 with NV 5.1.x/AIX 4.2.x
only the S7A with AIX 4.3.x has this rater strange problem

>(d) consider doing more things to speed up name resolution, even if that
>you have more admin work to do, such as NOT having three nameservers to
>before you time out, and putting a caching server on the NetView box

as i said before "we do have a caching-dns on the netview-box" !!!

>These are all things other people have done for a satisfactory solution.

but whats your comment on this table:

   DNS  | resolv-order  | host-lines |    time*)
   off  |     none      |    16      |    3 min.
   on   |   hosts,bind  |    16      |    5 min.
   off  |     none      |   6000+    |   67 min.
   on   |   hosts,bind  |   6000+    |   43 min.
   on   |   hosts,bind  |   6000+    |    1 min. X)

X) this is the case if you execute
"xnmsnmpconf -clearCache -event ; ovstart netmon"


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