Remote Router Deleted

2000-06-05 07:57:36
Subject: Remote Router Deleted
From: alexis.henry AT bnpparibas DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 13:57:36 +0200
Hi list,
i have a problem with IBM 3745 router.

This central router is connected to many routers. It has 6 interfaces and each
interface owns a name in the DNS
The loopback adress is set to

The discovery process worked fine at the beginning, the central router (IBM
3745) was discovered and all other router connected were discoverd.
After a few seconds, all remote routers were deleted and eventually the central
router was deleted.
Then the central router was discovered again with a different name.

I used netmon with -P and -S options for secondary address support and
unnumbered interfaces.
I tried to name all interface in my /etc/hosts file in order to pass through
name resolution.
Right now te central router is well discovered and is no more deleted but other
router directly connected to it are still deleted once discovered.

What is very strange is that if i click on the hilight buton on the trap saying
that my central router is now a gateway i receive an error message:

  nnt36 s not a valid hostname.

If i launch:    ovobjprint -s nnt36 i have the folowing result:

 ovobjprint -s nnt36
                OBJECTID                SELECTION NAME


        FIELD ID        FIELD NAME                      FIELD VALUE
        10              Selection Name                  "nnt36"
        11              IP Hostname                     "nnt36"
        17              vendor                          Unset(0)
        27              isNode                          TRUE
        30              isConnector                     TRUE
        31              isBridge                        FALSE
        32              isRouter                        TRUE
        33              isHub                           FALSE
        51              isIP                            TRUE
        67              isSNMPSupported                 TRUE
        69              SNMP sysDescr                   "TYPE: 3746, MODEL: 900,
 S/N: 57-93422, NAME: 3745N3"
        70              SNMP sysLocation                "BNP BERGERE - CPL, 20,
Rue Bergere, 75009 - PARIS, FRANCE, 1er sous/sol,  "
        71              SNMP sysContact                 "M. Bonnamy,
33-0140147154, 33-0155774267"
        72              SNMP sysObjectID                ""
        73              SNMPAgent                       Unset(0)
        77              isMLM                           FALSE
        78              isSYSMON                        FALSE
        79              isSIA                           FALSE
        80              isManager                       FALSE
        82              isSLM                           FALSE
        83              isSIAOS2                        FALSE
        86              IP Status                       Normal(2)
        89              isIPRouter                      TRUE
        156             TopM Interface Count            6
        162             TopM Interface List             "2368       Up <None>          other               "
                                                        "2176       Up   0x400002090020  ieee 802.5 tokenRing"
                                                        "2368       Up <None>          other               "
                                                        "2368       Up <None>          other               "
                                                        "2368       Up <None>          other               "
                                                        "2080       Up   0x400002090050  ieee 802.5 tokenRing"
        184             XXMAP Protocol List             "IP"
        556             IP Name                         "nnt36"

If i use the locate fonction in the user interface i cannot find this node
witheither IP Name or HOSTNAME.

I hope somebody may help me

Alexis Henry
Banque Nationale de Paris.


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