Reg Ciscoworks

2000-05-02 23:45:36
Subject: Reg Ciscoworks
From: "M Robert Prakash" <robertprakash AT chennai.tcs.co DOT in>
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Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 09:15:36 +0530
Hi Jane

Does Ciscoworks integrate with Netview for NT??

Thanks and Regards


Jane Curry <jane.curry AT SKILLS-1ST.CO DOT UK> on 02/22/2000 03:51:15 PM

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Subject:  Re: Reg Ciscoworks

CiscoWorks can either be an add-on to NetView (or other NMS) or it can stand
alone.  CiscoWorks 2000 seems to be a brand name that covers a number of
products.  There is CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution which gives
Resource Manager Essentials (RME) which is Cisco Inventory, Change Management,
Software Distribution and Syslog error management. CiscoView gives graphical
views of Cisco kit with the ability to do some customisation. There is also an
ACL manager, Internetwork Performance Monitor and Traffic Director software.

There is a CiscoWorks 2000 Campus bundle which I think is just about to release
new packaging including RME and CiscoView, as above, but also adding on User
Registration and CWSI which provides ATM and VLAN tools.

The 3rd CW2000 packaging is Service Level Management which again gives RME and
CiscoView plus a Service Level Manager application

I have the new CW2000 Routed WAN Management Solution integrated with NetView
5.1.2.  I have NetView on AIX4.3.3 and CW on Solaris 2.7.  I have integration in
that I used NetView to do all discovery and then imported NetView's database
selectively into RME.  I also have the Integration Utility code so that I get
Cisco icons on my NetView topo map and a new top-level menu in NetView that
starts off CiscoView.

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