RE: Response Manager?

2000-05-02 08:11:35
Subject: RE: Response Manager?
From: BAUDOUX BERNARD <bernard.baudoux AT fortisbank DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 14:11:35 +0200

it sounds like a good piece of software.   Sure thing I am interested in it,
Can I have a copy ?

Thanks a lot for allowing others to use this soft.  Great idea !
Bernard Baudoux
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* : 1GA2H
e-mail : bernard.baudoux AT fortisbank DOT com

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> Subject:      [NV-L] Response Manager?
> We have an application here @Fidelity that is not getting much use, and I
> am
> curious how the NV community might feel about either just using it (free,
> if
> I can convince Fidelity to allow it) and/or taking over the source. I hate
> to see it unused as it is quite spiffy. Here is a quick description:
> Response (which is about 5 years old now) was designed to monitor & manage
> network response time and packet loss, to provide more end-to-end and
> SLA-type data for operations. It requires the cisco ping MIB (e.g. on a
> cisco router) as PING sources; destinations can be any reliable box that
> responds to ping. Metrics supported by cisco PING MIB are: min, max, avg
> response time, and packet loss%.
> Response is a GUI-driven Netview app. "Response" submaps are created by
> the
> "Response-->New Map" menu item. Then you locate/select/copy/paste objects
> into the submap(s), and connect them together using either
> NV:Add-->Connector or some of Response's convenience functions (e.g.
> RM:Connect--> Selected to Acknowledged). Then you configure ping
> parameters
> and thresholds (RM:Connector-->Configure) , and "activate" the connectors
> (RM:Connector-->Activate Selected or RM:Maps-->Start Selected Map). It
> takes
> only a few minutes to set up a massive map. Response can be used for
> ad-hoc
> or long-term response time collection, if you don't mind an occ'l outage
> for
> ovtopofixing.
> Connector colors (red, yellow, black) are used to indicate response-time
> or
> packet loss threshold states, so you can watch the map and see how things
> stand. Connector line-style (solid, dashed) is used to indicate if the
> connector is active or inactive. 
> You have lots of control over the generation of SNMP traps.
> You have lots of control over the generation of snmpCollect data.
> "Connector-->Graph Selected" brings up beautiful NV graphs.
> Application options that aren't supported by the menu interface can be
> changed via X resources.
> Netview's notion of R/W and Read-Only is supported. User's w/ a R/W map
> can
> create, edit, and run Response submap(s) that can generate Traps and write
> snmpCollect data. RO users can only start up a copy of a response map
> (which
> BTW duplicates polling) and graph data already collected or being
> collected
> (by a RW Response).
> RM is pretty scalable. We've run it for weeks on hundreds of connectors w/
> no important CPU or disk impact. When NV is brought down for ovtopofix
> breaks and database backups, Response goes down w/ it. This is an
> "Achilles'
> heel".
> Main Limitations:
> *     It is GUI-driven. There is no way to configure it with vi.
> *     Netview GUI must be running. Runs fine on NV 5.1.2/AIX 4.1.3.
> *     Works today only w/ cisco routers as sources. No RMON. Only PING.
> *     Need set community name for sources.
> *     Won't work on NT or Solaris unless ported (AIX only)
> *     Response submaps can not contain containers, only regular objects
> and connectors (this should be fixed)
> If you have an interest in this or have questions, pls. respond. If there
> is
> anyone willing to manage and extend the source and make it available to NV
> users without charge, pls. respond as well. 
> Depending on interest level, I will poke around to see if it can be
> released
> (or what hoops will need jumping through). We've received quite a bit of
> help over the years from the NV community through this medium, and I'd
> like
> to give something back.
> Ken Twombly
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> FISC-Telecommunications
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