Re: Ruleset examples

2000-03-29 06:38:01
Subject: Re: Ruleset examples
From: "Julio Leal" <jjllmm AT hotmail DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 11:38:01 CEST
Alexis: this is from the Version 6.0 Release Notes:

White Symbol Color and Unreachable Status

When one or more interfaces of a router goes down it can occlude other
subnets causing a storm of Interface and Node Down events for all the
interfaces and nodes that Tivoli NetView can no longer reach, plus the
segment and network down events. This taxes the system and leads to
unreliable status reporting. The root cause is lost in a flood of traps and
red symbols. This action also floods external trap receivers such as the
Tivoli Event Console.
A new white symbol color has been added to Tivoli NetView to indicate
a status of Unreachable. This new color is used by the Tivoli for
Managed Network Services product to indicate that a node is occluded
from the management station.
For more information on acquiring the Tivoli for Managed Network
Services product, see your Tivoli Support Representative.

Hope this helps.

Julio Leal

From: owner-nv-l AT tkg DOT com
Date: 29/03/2000 10:43:35 ZE2
Subject: [NV-L] Ruleset examples

Hi all!

I am looking for a ruleset that will block any status trap (sent by netmon)
comming from a device that is behind a router that is down (or behind a down

I know this ruleset existed in netview V4 (wtdepend.rs and wtdepdisp.rs) but
since netview V5 those ruleset can't do the job anymore.

Is there a place where i can find this ruleset?

Best regards.

Alexis Henry
Banque Nationale de Paris
alexis.henry AT bnpgroup DOT com


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