Netmon hangs

2000-03-15 04:32:32
Subject: Netmon hangs
From: "Christiansen, Søren" <sochs AT wmdata DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 10:32:32 +0100
Hello all,

I have a problem with Netview 5.1.2 for AIX. The following errors occurs:

Netmon seems to hang, when initiating a demand poll on a router, the poll
never completes.

Netview is connected to a lan, and then accesses our customers lan's through
a Sun Workstation running Firewall 1, the FW1 containes 13 Ethernet cards
each ethernet card ends in a small lan with only a router that communicates
with the customer router through FrameRelay (64KB 32CIR) .

Because we access customer lan's through our FireWall 1 and netview cannot
discover through our FW, we have to add the router object from the "other"
side of the firewall manually to Netview and after it has been added to
netview, we do a demand poll to discover the lan including the customer lan,
it seems to work fine (but is there a better way?)                         

We now have 7 customer lan connected to our Netview installation this way
and it works OK. But when this customers wan was added same way as above.

We started to to see problem with Netmon "hanging" and demand poll taking
hours to complete if they complete at all.

We added som exclutions to the seedfile, so that only 3 routers in the
customers lan vere discovered, the only other entrys in the seed file are
exclutions of local ip adresses.

I have run traces on the Netmon service, (tracemask 16) and checked paging
space, but we did not see any entry that could indicate a problem.

Please help me with this one.

Thank you in advance

Søren Christiansen

sochs AT wmdata DOT com

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