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1999-06-28 10:05:33
Subject: Re: MLM problems
From: Rob Rinear <robr AT DIRIGO DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:05:33 -0400
I'm pretty ignorant on MLM's...where do I find the collections you're
referring to?

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I would look into the collections NetView creates for MLM management.
I would not surprise me if you found those devices in that collection.

If you edit the collection, that should fix the problem

Art DeBuigny
Bank of America Network Operations

>From: Rob Rinear <robr AT DIRIGO DOT COM>
>Reply-To: Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView
>Subject: MLM problems
>Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:08:10 -0400
>I'm having some problems with one of my MLM's, and I'm hoping someone can
>give me some suggestions:
>I  have 3 MLM's (AIX 4.x boxes) that are working by the book...installed
>MLM, Netview found them and automatically set them up with NV as the trap
>destination and created the Alias tables for the nodes in it's subnet.
>But, the 4th MLM is giving me troubles.  The box was originally installed
>the subnet with Netview, then moved.  After the discovery cycle, Netview
>properly creates aliases for the devices in its subnet, but also adds
>aliases for many devices in the old subnet.  Although I've tried to clear
>evey bit of the MLM configuration (smMlmCurrent.config files, etc), and
>restart the MLM with the "-i" flag, and even with the -c flag pointing to a
>config file I built, it eventually resets back to the incorrect set of
>aliases.  So, I have an MLM at a remote site, coming back across a WAN to
>manage my local network!
>I've looked at the details of both the MLM and nodes that it incorrectly
>picks up aliases for, and I see nothing that could be confusing Netview
>thinking they're on the same subnet.
>Any experienced MLM'ers out there have any suggestions?  They're greatly
>Rob Rinear
>Dirigo Incorporated
>Systems and Network Management Solutions
>(513) 421-6500
>robr AT dirigo DOT com

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