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1999-06-14 10:28:13
Subject: Re: Interface discovery
From: Rob Rinear <robr AT DIRIGO DOT COM>
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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:28:13 -0400
Does the new IP show up as a new node, or an additional interface on the

If it's a new node, then add an entry in your seedfile for the RAS IP range,
with a "!" in front, which tells Netview to exclude this range.

If it shows these as interfaces on the server, then the best you'll do is to
allow each address to be discovered once, then unmanage it.

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Subject: Interface discovery

Is there any way of making Netview NOT to discovery my RAS-ip's in an
NT-server i monitor?
Everytime someone dial's in and gets a DHCP-IP i get a new interface that
ends up down :)
Since the RAS is not used very often the interface gets deleted after a time
and then
it gets rediscovered again.
I'm using a seedfile for node-discovery

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