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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 18:36:25 -0600
Thanks Gary,
I was able to get a perl script to work.  I was able to check the $4
variable against the workstation name and able to page based on that.  I was
also able to create a smart set and page if node was a member.  Only problem
with that is that if another node goes down it will page again because first
node is still in smartset. Pretty cool idea.  I can think of a lot of things
I can do with your tips.
Thanks for everyone's help.  I am sure I will be needing more of it.

Chuck Thomas
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My advice is to use "perl", or any other programming language,
in conjunction with the NT command-line program "smartsetutil".

Perl can be used for slicing and dicing your preliminary events.
You create the relationships you want with the smart-set editor,
and read the list of nodes using "smartsetutil".

Basic flow is this:
  a)  A trap comes in.
  b)  You fire off an action-statement (perl script).
  c)  You call smartsetutil (from perl-script).
  d)  You startup the pager (from perl).

Good luck,

Gary Boyles

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Subject: Re: RULESETS

Chuck -

You are basically out of luck for this release of code using rulesets to
drive the pager on NT.

There was never any intention by development that you should create your
own rulesets by manually constructing a .rs file.  The file contents are
not documented anywhere as a programming interface and they are difficult
to explain, as some pieces are positional and some are key word driven.
They were designed (in UNIX originally) to be generated/read by the common
code in nvcorrd (which loads and executes them) and nvrsEdit (the ruleset
editor which builds them).   The NT developers succeeded in porting nvcorrd
in this version (5.1) of NT but not the editor nvrsEdit, because the entire
GUI has to be re-written from X/Motif to NT.  Also they did not port the
actionsvr daemon.  Both of these pieces were left undone for lack of time.
Instead they packaged what they had, so you could still do things with the
rulesets, provided they were like the samples that are provided.

And that's where the problems begin for you wanting to do pages with
rulesets in NT at this time.  The paging icon invokes code to pass the
paging request to the (missing in NT) actionsvr daemon.  So a paging
ruleset, even if you create one on UNIX and ftp it to NT will not work at
this time.  Ditto for any one containing an external action.  And, here is
the really unfortunate part, until you get 5.1.1 even the internal actions
will not work, due to a code bug.   This  might be enough in NT for you to
write a script which calls the paging facility as an internel action -- I
don't know since no one has ever tried it.  That would be a disaster to do
on UNIX, since it would hold up the entire event flow, but in NT, nvcorrd
is a side process to the event flow.  They go to the window and database
whether nvcorrd is running or not.

Not a pretty story, but a true one, I believe. Sorry.

As far as sending events to TEC, on NT you do that with a daemon called
tecad_nv6k, not through rulesets, so you don't have to build any for it.
Instructions for installing the daemon are in the Release Notes and Chapter
1 of the User's Guide for 5.1 on NT.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Chuck Thomas <cthomas AT network-one DOT com> on 01/27/99 08:30:18 AM

Please respond to cthomas AT network-one DOT com

To:   NV-L AT UCSBVM.ucsb DOT edu
cc:    (bcc: James Shanks)
Subject:  RULESETS

I am sorry I did not include title on first post.

Greetings all,
I am installing Netview NT 5.1 and have several questions.

Can anyone tell me the layout of the ruleset.rs files?  I have tried to
decipher but not much luck.  I understand that one can use nvrsedit on Unix
and port the rules to NT.  Has anyone an editor for NT maybe.  At this
I don't have access to an AIX box.

Maybe some has created a rule like I want.  I need a rule to send page if
member of a smart set is down for more than 10 minutes.  I also need one to
page on condition.  Example if an NT service is down say DB2.  After
the admin guide it looks as if one can correlate just about anything.  I
also need to do some correlation before I send to TME10 TEC.  I was told
that this would help TEC out by 'distributing' some of the correlation

Also has anyone seen the nv.carriers setup for a paging network called
Southern Net.  It is a full service paging service in the Southeast.

Also are there any gotchas with things like IIS4, NTSP4, and IE4?

Thanks for helping,

Chuck Thomas
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