database error

1999-01-29 18:31:29
Subject: database error
From: Sergio Cardona F <sergcafe AT MAIL.VISIONTECH.COM DOT CO>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 18:31:29 -0500
Hi All:

We  have  NetView 5.1 with  aix 4.2.1 in a HACMP enviroment.
I have this case:
When the netview goes up, it puts some errors in the nettl.LOG00, these errors
look like:
************************************ NetView *******************************@#%

  Timestamp            : Fri Jan 29 1999 17:48:15.900794
  Process ID           : 17878              Subsystem        : OVW
  User ID ( UID )      : 203                Log Class        : ERROR
  Device ID            : -1                 Path ID          : -1
  Connection ID        : -1                 Log Instance     : 0

  Software             : /usr/OV/bin/ipmap
  Hostname             : antioquia.bancolombia
Unable to find network 50057 which contains node 48955

I search in the database with the ovobjprint -s 50057 and it returns me:
Object 50057 not found.
                OBJECTID                SELECTION NAME

****** NO SUCH OBJECT ID ******

Could you tell me what it means ?
I suppose that I have one map with this  ghost symbol, but I do not know how to
locate this object.
I already deleted all ghost symbols in all maps and I make ovmapcount and a
ovtopofix, but the problem continues.
How can I locate this type of symbols by the number ?
How can I fix it ?


Sergio Cardona
Vision Tech

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