[Fwd: Starting NetView EUI from Tivoli task]

1999-01-11 13:19:44
Subject: [Fwd: Starting NetView EUI from Tivoli task]
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry AT SKILLS-1ST.CO DOT UK>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:19:44 +0000
Further quirks with starting NetView from a Tivoli task.......
It appears that node deleting / adding doesn't work properly if done
from a NetView started via the Tivoli task described below.  If I delete
a node, I get no "Node deleted" event card, ovobjprint and ovtopodump
both show the node still and the node (obviously) never gets

If I do exactly the same as me but by starting NetView via nv6000 from a
command prompt, it all works fine.

PLEASE can anyone shed light on this??

Cheers, Jane

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Subject: Starting NetView EUI from Tivoli task
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 16:05:45 +0000
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry AT skills-1st.co DOT uk>
To: NetView mailing list <NV-L AT UCSBVM.ucsb DOT edu>

NetView 5.1, Framework 3.6, AIX 4.2.1, ....

I have a Tivoli task that starts the NetView EUI (without going through
all the extra windows that you get from the standard Tivoli NetView
desktop menus).  I use the -nl option to prevent the NetView log.  This
works fine.

Unfortunately, started from the Tivoli task, NetView cannot find my
saved workspace environment which is in $HOME/NvEnvironment - standard
if you set the nvevents.saveEnvOnExit widget in your home .Xdefaults.
Everything else seems to be picked up fine from my own .Xdefaults and I
have put in nvevents.saveDir explicitly as $HOME/NvEnvironment.  I have
tried wrapping my EUI startup script with a command to source the Tivoli
environment and another to change to my home directory before calling
the netview command - all to no avail.  The script works fine run from
the command line and finds my saved workspaces OK.

Can anyone offer any clues??
Thanks, Jane
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