Re: Using Solaris SEA to send traps to netview

1998-09-21 16:59:34
Subject: Re: Using Solaris SEA to send traps to netview
From: Scott Monroe <scott.monroe AT LMCO DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 16:59:34 -0400
Well, I guess my question then is how do I track down the authentication error?
I can run snmpwalk from the netview manager station on the Solaris system with
no authentication problem so community name is correct.  I notice in your
example that you are sending an MLM trap.  I want to use the snmp_trapsend
utility in a shell or perl script from information in /var/adm/messages.  Am I
totally wrong in what to do here?  Do I need to set up an MLM?  I'm new to snmp
issues so could be way off track.


On Sep 21, 10:02am, Rick Barhydt wrote:
> Subject: Re: Using Solaris SEA to send traps to netview
> Scott,
>         I am not having any problems sending traps using snmp_trapsend.
> Following is an example of sending a MLM threshold trap from a sun 2.6 box:
> snmp_trapsend -h mallard -g 6 -s 12 -a ". STRING
(This is a trap from rickb on Solaris 2.6)"
> The netview box receives and displays the trap just like any other. It sounds
> like you need to track down the authentication error and resolve it first.
> Then the snmp_trapsend should work fine.
>         RickB

> > A utility snmp_trapsend is included with the Solaris SEA package.  I've
> > trying to get it to send a trap to my netview manager on AIX specifying an
> > enterprise-specific trap.  The netview event window displays the trap as an
> > authentication error.  Has anyone figured out how to use snmp_trapsend
> >  Thanks,
> >
> > Scott Monroe
> > CDI/MIS at LMFS-Owego

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