Re: ovtopmd not starting

1998-09-21 14:24:43
Subject: Re: ovtopmd not starting
From: "Brook, Bryan S" <bryan.s.brook AT LMCO DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 14:24:43 -0400
We are having the same problem right now!  Ovtopmd fails (with an exit code
of 255) which prevents netmon from starting which prevents the ovw (GUI)
from starting.  Heres the details:

#ovstop                                 everything shuts down but nvsecd
#ovstop nvsecd                          /usr/OV/service/nvstat shows all
Netview daemons are down
(Verified /usr/OV/sockets is emptied)
#ovstart                                        This is where we get the
exit code of 255 for ovtopmd.  No other messages are available.  Then some
other daemons fail to even attempt starting.

If I try an ovtopfix, I get: "ERROR Couldnt open topology database: Cannot
connect to server: sys2: No such file or directory".  I checked the
diagnosis guide for ovtopmd and nothing helped.  We get a fair amount of
traps (~=4MB/ day) but I dont think that is beyond the realm of manageable.

We have cleaned out our topology database and still have the same problems.
Any questions, suggestions, or divine intervention requested!!


RS6000/AIX 4.2.1

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