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1998-08-19 11:27:05
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 11:27:05 -0400
It is also probable that you are out/low of paging space on your system.
    Make sure your
page space is 2 to 3 times your real memory.    I believe you can check it
with lsps.  You can use
smit to increase it.

Steve Hochstetler
Tivoli Professional Services


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> I would suspect that your system is out of real memory.
> Have you checked that? (vmstat will show you if you are on a UNIX system)
> Perhaps you can decrease the memory requirements by:
>     Decreasing the SNMP timeouts using xnmsnmpconf
>     Increase the time between polling intervals
>     Make sure you are able to do snmpqueries for the nodes in the ovw
> database which are marked as being snmpcapable.

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> Sometimes netmon dies with the next message:
> Node/Iface or memory allocation error in allocSnmpState - exiting
> What's the problem?
> Thanks.
>     Josi Luis.

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