Event Trap to Monitor trapd & tecad_nv6k to Tivoli

1998-08-19 10:38:36
Subject: Event Trap to Monitor trapd & tecad_nv6k to Tivoli
From: Cristina Zabeu <czabeu AT DEV.TIVOLI DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:38:36 -0500

About your question:

"Has anyone tried the above steps, and were successful?
yes, I printed the MAN page off for Event, just isn't clear enough with
the help I need.  If the Admin Guide is helpful, someone can point me in

that direction.The SNMPTRAP seems a bit too much for what I need to

James' suggestions are what you need to do in order to produce the trap.
As he mentioned in his note, the "event" command is very particular to
NetView (enterprise, generic identification of the trap are already
pre-defined). You would be in a safe side by using snmptrap, as you then
can define your own information, variables, etc. Remember that if you
use the events generated by the "event" command, you will be also
sending those to NetView itself, which can then process them in a
different manner than you would expect (for instance, you may change a
status, for instance, and netmon will after change this again as part of
its normal polling!).

The Admin Guide will help you on defining the way you'd like to see this
event on the NetView display and how is the format of the trap on the
TEC side. Remember that, if you use the built-in EIF facility to send
the trap to TEC (instead of the tecad_nv6k adapter), you can also do a
"pre-filtering" using the rulesets before the traps hits TEC. The Admin
Guide will give you good information about the rulesets. Besides, in the
Admin Guide you will find also a list of the internal NetView traps, in
the case you decide to use the "event" command instead.

Hope this helps,
Cristina Zabeu
Tivoli Systems

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