Couple of Question

1998-08-19 05:20:24
Subject: Couple of Question
From: lauritz Strydom <Lauritz.Strydom AT MAIL.ING DOT NL>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:20:24 +0100
     Hi I just subscribe to the list and hope someone in the group can

     I installed TME 10 Netview 5.0a for NT  and everything seems to be
     fine, but the seed file seem to hang up the machine when the netmon
     demon kicks in..

     It seems that a node in the seed file who support snmp but not tcp is
     causing the problem, is there a way to tell the seed file to time out
     if it checks connectivity. (netcheck seems to work fine)

     I'm using MSSQL database and connectivity to the database is working
     the events come from the database and snmpcollect also write info into
     the database, then why do I still need ovwdb?

     Is there at some stage that I will be able to emulate an AIX machine
     with the Nways tower of products on NT ? It seems that the Nways
     workgroup manager is separated app and do not live with Netview on the
     same NT box.

     With the Netview 5.0a I also use the WEB front end to the system,
     connectivity is fine but getting access error when I try to read the
     event log. The event log is working fine through Netview, access for
     the user of WWW is full and added to administrator list, but still
     give me access error.

     Also through the WEB browser if I click on an object and want to ping
     it is just say bad host name and time out. I check that DNS is working
     from the server command line the Netview program does not seems to
     have a problem, what else can I check. Host program also work fine.

     There is also an PTF UR50178 available, where can I get hold of it?


     Lauritz Strydom

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