Re: Migrating V4.1.2 to V5 collection

1998-08-07 08:28:58
Subject: Re: Migrating V4.1.2 to V5 collection
From: Vladimir Petr <petr AT DATASYS DOT CZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 14:28:58 +0200
Hello, Wolfgang;

As I could see, the APM and collection definitions are likely to be
stored in the topo database. If you clear partially the topo database,
APM and collection definitions are retained.

In order to get information about defined collections and their rules,
you can use the nvUtil command. However, I could not find out if these
are really retrieved out of the topo database or elsewhere.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Klein wrote:
> we have changed sucessfully from AIX Netview V4.1.2 to a new
> installed V5 (by copying some configuration-files) with to
> exceptions:
> 1. The configuration file of the collection(editor) was in V4.1.2
> /usr/OV/conf/.collection.conf. But this file is not used in V5 and
> i cannot find where the data typed in by the GUI is placed. I want
> copy this file to other Netview-Boxes. Can somebody help me.
> 2. nvcorrd writes errors in the log /usr/OV/log/nvcorrd.alog if he
> reads the rulesets of ESE.automation:
> "....overrun on Pbuffer..." Is it a bug in nvcorrd or is it because i
> have copied the V4.1.2 rulesets to V5?
> Thanks in advance
> Wolfgang Klein

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