Re: [Veritas-bu] NBU VStorage Backup on Datadomain

2012-01-30 11:43:09
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] NBU VStorage Backup on Datadomain
From: Jim.Canon AT mylan DOT com
To: "Anurag Sharma" <sharma.anurag AT hotmail DOT com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 11:42:56 -0500
I like SAN for the transport method. Here is why -

There is no overhead on the ESX hosts. Where do you think that data comes
from when you select NBD? It comes from the NICs on the ESX hosts. In
addition, you're limited to 1TB for your virtual disk sizes.

Using the SAN  transport method:
Chose a windows media server as your backup host. Throw a couple HBAs in
it, and mask all your ESX LUNs to it. Now, enable (if you have the license)
DDboost, and you get the following scenario. Data transfers from the SAN
through the media server (which is also your backup host), and out the NICs
on the media server to the data domain. DDboost only sends the change
blocks to the DataDomain. Now, you have one nice, efficient way to backup
your VMs with no ESX host overhead. Plus, you're keeping all that backup
traffic off your LAN (put the DataDomain traffic on it's on VLAN).

You might find this useful:

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Subject:        [Veritas-bu] NBU VStorage Backup on Datadomain
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Hi Team,

We are  going for Netbackup Vmware Backups to backup Virtual Machines.

The target storage device is Data domain.

If anyone has implemented the same with please share the best practices.

Another doubt we have is this .

The transport method should be SAN or NBD.

The san method is useful if we were to use san connected tape libraries and
data transfer would have happen over san.

But in our case even if we zone all the datastore LUNS with automount
disable and automount scrub its of no use and data from  the media server
to Datadomain always goes via LAN so why to use SAN method.

Kindly give your inputs please ..

Anurag Sharma

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