Re: [Veritas-bu] Converting physical Linux master to virtual

2009-10-13 20:03:48
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Converting physical Linux master to virtual
From: Ed Wilts <ewilts AT ewilts DOT org>
To: Dean <dean.deano AT gmail DOT com>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:00:33 -0500
On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 4:03 PM, Dean <dean.deano AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
Mark's post about converting a standalone master to clustered prompted me to post this.

Our current master server is standalone, physical, RHEL4, NBU 6.5.3.

Since Symantec will now support virtual master servers, we're planning to convert it to a virtualised host running under VMware. The main reason we want to do this is to simplify DR.

Virtual master servers are supported, but don't expect fast disk.  We have an open ticket for sucky disk performance with VMware at the moment that they've duplicated.  If we install Win2008 on the bare metal, we can push over 100MB/sec to disk.  Put a Win2008 guest in ESX on the same hardware and the disk I/O tops out at about 30MB/sec.

Your idea is a good one (in theory), but be very cautious about performance along the way.

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