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2005-08-24 12:05:25
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Re: Status code 150
From: Gregory.Geyer AT Avnet DOT com (Geyer, Gregory)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:05:25 -0700
Here's a similar (yet different) issue:

If I have a job out there that is dead (no activity, the application
backup processes are gone on the client etc) but bpdbjobs -cancel won't
get rid of it - and the media server won't give up the drive - I thought
I've issued a "kill -15" on the bpsched process of that particular job
and only that job goes away.

This morning I did just that and it ended up taking down the main
bpsched process.  The bpsched process I killed had a bprd process as a
parent.  I thought that has worked in the past but when this hung
bpsched (from last night) was killed, it killed the master bpsched,
taking down all the other bpscheds in its wake.

So as an example my process list looked like:

root 14850 14843  0 08:49:04 ?         0:00 bpsched -ru dbauser -rg dba
-ct 4 -ppid 14843 -client somehost -cl
root 14843 16406  0 08:49:03 ?         0:00
root 16406     1  0  Aug 16  ?        12:57
root  9003     1  0 08:06:11 ?         0:12
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpsched -mainempty

So I did a "kill -15 14850" and PID 9003 went away as well, restarting
the main bpsched.  Of course the consequence is that all running jobs
died with a rc=150.  I'm wondering now if what I did previously was the
kill -15 on 14843, the jobid's bprd process, but that may just cause
14850 to stick around with a parent ID of 1.

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We had the same issue here- turned out to be caused by a memory leak on
our Solaris Master server.  Once the leaking application was fixed, the
150's went away.

The offending applicaition was the user interface to Veritas Volume
Manager.  A fix has been issued, but we just shut down the interface
portion since it wasn't necessary for us.

Tom Burrell

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> Folks,
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> Has anyone seen Status code: 150 "Termination requested by 
> administrator" when no administrator has terminated the job on 
> Enterprise Server v5.0 MP3 Windows 2003 OS?  I did find a technote on 
> the Symantec support site 
> that discussed message

> queue sizing but I have no equivalent output in my bpsched log that 
> would suggest this is my problem?
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