[Veritas-bu] Master running on S10

2005-08-24 11:09:43
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Master running on S10
From: cballowe AT gmail DOT com (Charles Ballowe)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 10:09:43 -0500
I've used 5.1 un-patched on solaris 10 for some testing. It's not thatit 
doesn't work, it's just that it doesn't know anything about thesolaris 10 init 
and inetd systems. After installing it, you need touse the inetconv utility to 
convert the /etc/inetd.conf entries intosmf entries. I've never tried it on the 
server side, but suspect itwill work just fine - as long as you get around the 
changes sun made.
On 8/24/05, Priddy, John <JPriddy AT thegoldensource DOT com> wrote:>  >  > > I 
just 'rolled' this out a month ago or so.  Im relatively new to netbackup> and 
unix for that matter but: > >   > > No issues as of yet, but solaris 5 doesnt 
like my nbu5 server or vice versa,> go figure?  However even though solaris 6 
is also officially unsupported its> working AOK here (and with vcs via our 
refurbished 4500s I might add!)  > >   > > We moved from nbu 3 running on an 
ultra 5 to a v240 running nbu 5.1.  Yes> you read that right, an ultra 5 -- and 
we had 2 unipacks hanging off for the> catalog as it 'got too big' for the 
internal drive.  I can also confirm that> the oracle agent works, and even on 
2.6 via nbu5!  Im backing up about 15 or> so hosts with a total of about 6TB 
unix to an L20 DLT via scssi and so far> solaris 10 and/or netbackup running on 
that host is the least of my> problems. Its very solid and so far has yet to be 
any culprit in my backup> strategy.  My legacy hosts / amount of data to put on 
the L20 DLT on the> other hand?  Lets just say its not very practical to put 
these emc arrays on> to 20 dlt 40/80 tapes, even after skipping dbf files? > >  
 > > I think out of the box solaris 10 is not supported, you need to put on 
5.1> and patch it up to mp3 ? there are docs out there on the official sol10> 
specifics.  If anyone at veritas/Symantec is on this list, if you need any> 
testing done for nbu6 on legacy systems/tape drives you know who to talk to!> > 
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2005 2:28 PM>  To: veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu>  Subject: 
[Veritas-bu] Master running on S10 >  > >   > > >  Hi, >  >  Is anyone running 
their NB 5.0 master on Solaris 10? >  >  I'd like to make the jump. >  >  Karl

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