[Veritas-bu] Advanced Client (flashbackup) w/ Solaris question

2005-08-09 17:15:37
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Advanced Client (flashbackup) w/ Solaris question
From: hal AT uga DOT edu (Hal N. Brooks)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 17:15:37 -0400 (EDT)
On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Piszcz, Justin wrote:

> Why do you want to use FlashBackup?
> I have several machines that are > 1TB, but they do not require Flash
> Backup.  The only reason you would want to use Flashbackup (or one of
> the main reasons) is if you are going to be backing up millions of
> files, on the order of magnitude of > 5-10 million files.  The one place
> I have used flashbackup is on a filesystem with around 24 million files.
> Before flashbackup, I was getting 35KB/s and the backups never seemed to
> finish. With FlashBackup I get 600-900KB/s and the backups take 24-36
> hours but they do complete successfully.  Please note though, I am
> backing up 24million+ files on a VxFS file system.  Otherwise, if it is
> UFS or something similar, you need to have a separate "Cache" drive in
> order to use the flashbackup feature.

Uh, if I was only getting 900KB/s I would just go ahead and kill myself 
now.  By my calculations, if you're only getting 900KB/s, you can't even 
backup 129GB in 36 hours.

I'm already getting 10MB/s with ufsdump and an Ultrium1 drive.  I 
damn well better get 20MB/s plus with FlashBackup and an Ultrium2 drive. 
But a standard policy type seems to be constrained by the metadata.

This ufs file system is now 375GB and has 12632275 files.  I can backup a 
ufs snaphshot in 12 hours on a good day; some days it takes 16 hours when 
the users have the audacity to actually use the system.


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> Subject: [Veritas-bu] Advanced Client (flashbackup) w/ Solaris question
> Particulars:  Solaris 9, ufs, NetBackup 5.1, Advanced Client option
> I've never used the FlashBackup or Advanced Client options, and am in
> the
> process of configuring a disk array (Sun 3510) for a file system that is
> now 375GB and has the potential to grow to 1TB before the system is
> retired or replaced.
> My concern is that sizing the file system and/or partition to the
> maximum
> potential size of 1TB will cause adverse effects when using a
> FlashBackup
> policy type.  I don't want to be backing up 1TB (for the sake of time
> and
> tape) when only 37% of that space is in use, and my understanding is
> that
> FlashBackup will backup the entire partition.
> But I'd like to be sure that it's the entire partition that FlashBackup
> will backup.  If FlashBackup will constrain itself to just backup the
> entire (ufs) file system, then I can go ahead and allocate the partition
> in advance, and then only grow the file system as necessary.  If
> FlashBackup is going to backup the entire partition, then I'll have to
> go
> to the extra trouble of expanding the capacity of the partition *and*
> growing the filesystem a couple of times a year.
> I've already determined that I can't use Sun's DiskSuite in conjunction
> with FlashBackup.  And I'm trying to avoid using the Veritas Volume
> Manager as well, mainly to avoid the cost.
> Any advice appreciated.
> Hal Brooks (hal AT uga DOT edu)
> EITS University of Georgia
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