[Veritas-bu] Java GUI Date Format

2004-09-21 08:31:03
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Java GUI Date Format
From: mseow AT DOT sg (Mike)
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:31:03 +0800

I have searched the list archives for a solution to my question but I
only found one person who asked the same question but I didn't see any
replies, so here goes...

When Netbackup 4.5 Datacentre (MP5) was installed on my server, the
server's OS (Solaris 8) was installed with default C locale.  I want
to change the jnbSA date format to DD/MM/YYYY instead of the default
MM/DD/YYYY.  So far, I have installed the Solaris Western European
locale packages and set LC_TIME=en_GB in /etc/default/init.
I have also set /opt/openv/msg/.conf to have all date formats as
DD/MM/YYYY and logged on to CDE with en_GB as the language but jnbSA
is still _partially_ showing dates as MM/DD/YYYY, particularly the
parts where you select the date range of the reports and also the
dates in the activity monitor (as reported by the archive poster).
Can someone let me know what else I need to change/install to get all
dates in jnbSA to be DD/MM/YYYY ?


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