[Veritas-bu] problem with restore

2003-12-01 17:37:01
Subject: [Veritas-bu] problem with restore
From: jmattice AT stlawu DOT edu (James Mattice)
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 17:37:01 -0500
We are having problems running restores against an incremental backup 
that was occurring when a server failed (crashed and lost data 
volumes).  Two of the volumes from the server had successfully completed 
their backups, the other three volumes didn't make it.  We are running 
NB 4.5 latest on Windows 2000 server with a Netware 6 client (latest).

When we try a restore job with just the single incremental selected here 
what you get
1.  You can successfully browse the file list and select files to restore.
2.  When you select a file and initial the restore, it creates a new 
restore job.
3   The system determines 1 image is needed for the restore and the tape 
which contains the image.
4.   The backup server sits there until it eventually errors with status 
code 25.

All of our other incrementals and fulls restore just fine.  I didn't 
find anything obvious in the logs on either the server or the client, 
but then again I'm not sure which logs would be the best to examine.

Fortunately, there wasn't a lot on the backups, but still it would be 
nice to get "everything".

Any thoughts?

- James

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