[Veritas-bu] using HCART (LTO) media in HCART2 (LTO2) drive

2003-07-21 21:39:37
Subject: [Veritas-bu] using HCART (LTO) media in HCART2 (LTO2) drive
From: george AT sevengroup DOT ca (George Lavrov)
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:39:37 -0700
Hello fellows,

I have a question regarding configuration which would allow to use LTO media
in LTO2 drive. I have two LTO2 drives in STK 180 library configured on
NetBackup Server as HCART2 drives. Appropriate  storage unit is created,
again, as a HCART2 storage unit. Originally, we created barcode rules which
would allow as to import new, LTO2 media as HCART2 and old LTO media as
HCART. Of course storage unit refused to accept HCART media for a backup.
Step two was to create second storage unit as HCART pointing to the same
library and drives, and direct backups into that unit. Backup failed with
error 219, storage unit is not available, however both drives were available
for use. I guess my question is if somebody has an experience in configuring
NetBackup to accept lower density media in higher density drives and how it
was done. Another thing I would like to try is  to import LTO (HCART) media
as HCART2 media, changing our barcode rule.  But I am concern that NetBackup
would utilize it appropriate and write/read from tape without errors.

Backup environment is NetBackup 4.5 (no patches) on Windows 2000 server and
L180 with LTO Gen2 fibre drives.

Thanks in advance. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Gueorgui (George) Lavrov, MCSE, SNIA FC-SAN-P 
Data Storage Specialist 
Seven Group Inc. 
Ph: 604.484.4977 ext.115
Cell: 604.781.7701 
Email: George AT sevengroup DOT ca 
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