[Veritas-bu] Media Open error (83) having upgraded the OS

2003-07-18 07:21:00
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Media Open error (83) having upgraded the OS
From: paul.redman AT hp DOT com (Redman, Paul)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 12:21:00 +0100

Hope all's well today.  I now have a slightly better handle on my problem with 
the 3.2 installation running on Solaris 8.

When I put a tape into the drive that I haven't previously used, it backs up 
the first two classes to tape no problem.  These classes can be run manually, 
through the bpbackup cli command or they can be scheduled .... doesn't matter, 
they work.

When I come to append a third backup class to tape, after a few minutes it 
fails with this error code of 83.  The backup doesn't stop, the daemons just 
sit there and I have to kill it manually.

Any subsequent attempts to run backups on this tape (via any method) fail 
immediately with a code of 83 and it dies without manual intervention.

Just to re-iterate the point, here's the bptm log file ....

plonker # grep image log.071803
05:02:57 [4752] <2> io_position_for_write: position media id BUA533, current 
number images = 1
06:03:07 [5311] <2> io_position_for_write: position media id BUA533, current 
number images = 2

First backup completed okay before 5am, second one before 6am, but the third 
backup class that started after 6am just did not want to know.

Hopefully this is fixable, especially as Mr Customer would very much like his 
big, production backup environment to run on Solaris 8 asap.  I also suspect 
that getting FPs, MPs and patches for 3.2 is probably not the easiest of tasks 

If I don't badger you again later, have a super-duper week-end.

Best wishes,

> Paul Redman
> Unix Systems Admin - Hilton TFO Helpdesk
> Customer Support & Solutions Centre (CSSC)
> HP Services
> Hewlett Packard
> Tel: External +44 (0)118 916 2075
> Email: Paul.Redman AT hp DOT com

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