[Veritas-bu] Media Open error (83) having upgraded the OS

2003-07-16 06:41:25
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Media Open error (83) having upgraded the OS
From: paul.redman AT hp DOT com (Redman, Paul)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 11:41:25 +0100

Hope all is well today.

Netbackup Business Server 3.2, Solaris 8 on a Sun Ultra-5 system, no MPs of 
FPs, just the Solaris jumbo patch for Netbackup (108261-11).

I have been testing 3.2 and the effect of upgrading Solaris from 2.6 to 8 on a 
test system with a standalone tape drive.  Sun said all I would need to do 
having upgraded was to install the jumbo patch mentioned above.

One thing I did have to do having upgraded/patched the OS was to re-install the 
sg driver as it was missing (/opt/openv/volmgr/bin/driver/sg.install).

Backups are now a fairly unpredictable affair.  I think any manual backup I 
kick off via bpadm works successfully, but anything that's scheduled or run via 
cli (bpbackup) can fail with an error code of 83 (media open error).

I've searched the Veritas archive and uncovered nothing, the archive for 
veritas-bu did have an entry from about 2001, which said to check classes.  I 
have .... they're fine.

I'm now running the ltid daemon in verbose mode, but this is as good as it gets 

10:28:19 [19382] <2> bptm: INITIATING: -mlist -cmd 
10:28:19 [19382] <2> bptm: EXITING with status 0 <----------
10:29:17 [19358] <2> io_position_for_write: locate block is done
10:29:19 [19358] <2> io_open: retrying open, errno = I/O error
10:29:28 [19358] <2> io_open: retrying open, errno = I/O error
10:29:33 [19358] <16> io_open: cannot open file /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tp
req/DD0036, I/O error
10:29:33 [19358] <2> log_media_error: successfully wrote to error file - 07/16/0
3 10:29:33 DD0036 0 OPEN_ERROR
10:29:33 [19358] <2> check_error_history: called from bptm line 13294, EXIT_Stat
us = 83 

The above is a small section, I didn't want to stuff this e-mail with output.

Have I got some kind of drive configuration problem post-upgrade or do I need 
to look at the batch of media that I am using?  Do I need a Netbackup patch of 
some kind?

Thank you in advance & have a splendid day,

> Paul Redman
> Unix Systems Admin - Hilton TFO Helpdesk
> Customer Support & Solutions Centre (CSSC)
> HP Services
> Hewlett Packard
> Tel: External +44 (0)118 916 2075
> Email: Paul.Redman AT hp DOT com

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