[Veritas-bu] upgrade to NB 4.5 FP4 on Solaris gotcha

2003-07-16 22:27:37
Subject: [Veritas-bu] upgrade to NB 4.5 FP4 on Solaris gotcha
From: Dwayne.Brzozowski AT DOT gov (Brzozowski, Dwayne)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:27:37 -0500
I don't know if anyone has recently upgraded NetBackup to 4.5, FeaturePack 4
on Solaris 8, but there are some problems I have ran in to. On my master
server, jnbSA/jbpSA will not work. I get the error, Host is not found or
invalid hostname. After having an open ticket with Veritas for 3 weeks now,
and being told daily that my dns is the problem, they finally admitted that
Veritas is causing the problem. There is another individual/company with the
exact same problem/error and because of that, this is being escalated to
their back line. The problem is, the getIPaddr function call is broke.
Feature Pack 3 works fine, but FP4 is broken. As a workaround, by some
stroke of luck, I had not upgraded my media server. It is still at FP3, java
1.2.2. The workaround is, run jnbSA on media server, use master server as
root/other login and password. 


I Sense much NT in you...
NT leads to bluescreen..
bluescreen leads to downtime.. 
downtime leads to suffering...
NT is the path to the darkside... 
Powerful Unix is... 

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