[Veritas-bu] Drives keep going down

2001-12-28 10:14:19
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Drives keep going down
From: Kevin_Trotman AT AFCC DOT com (Trotman, Kevin)
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 09:14:19 -0600
There's only one reason I can think of why an upgrade would help.

You can ask your STK engineer to print out MPSS Technical Tip number
MPSS-519 for you. Its an issue with the l700 & l180 and Veritas not handling
cleaning tapes correctly. The symptom is errors similar to:

Move_medium error: CHECK CONDITION
Could not move bar-coded tape CLN001 from drive 6 to outport

Basically a drive is being cleaned by the auto clean function of the library
when Veritas tries to mount a tape, which causes the drive to DOWN. This is
kind of a no-brainer problem, and it is fixed by patch NB_34_2.

But it boils down to the fact that there are a lot of things that could
cause this. A mis-configuration, a failing tape drive, a problem with your
Netbackup name it. I don't think there is any magic
answer as to why they're going down. You have to follow normal
troubleshooting processes.

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I have a similar situation.  One Master (W2K), 24 Media servers )W2K, NT4,
Solaris, AIX) on a SAN, an STK l700 library with 10 DLT8000 drives.  Tech
support's answer is to upgrade to 3.4.2,

Ethan Richard <ethanr AT excitehome DOT net> on 12/21/2001 09:11:48 AM

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Subject:  [Veritas-bu] Drives keep going down

I am having issues with my drives not staying in UP state. I am running NBU
3.4.1 in a SSO environment. I have 2 media servers and 1 master server
connecter to 2 ADIC scalar 1000 jukeboxes via fiberchannel SAN. any ideas or
things to check would be greatly appreciated.

Ethan Richard
system administrator, backups team
eXcite @home (for now)
650 556 5585
ethanr AT excitehome DOT net

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