[Veritas-bu] WinError 5

2001-12-21 10:15:12
Subject: [Veritas-bu] WinError 5
From: Jason.Ahrens AT telus DOT com (Jason Ahrens)
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:15:12 -0500
In our veritas logs we see many errors like this on NT/2000 systems:

1008083667 1 4 16 veritasmedia1 38889 0 0 catest2 bpbrm from client catest2:
ERR - failure reading file: C:\WINNT\Help\mail\mrc06_2.htm (WIN32 5: Access
is denied. )

This is obviously not a good thing, and has been traced to our inability to
do full restores. Win error 5 causes Veritas to grab the file name, but no
data (0 byte restores). The files that are refused are 'random' on each
system install, but consistent across any given install (I think)

Our systems are out of the box, SP6a NT systems with Veritas 3.4 with patch
for 3.4.1 installed. (p645)

We have nothing special running, but yet Veritas is unable to backup some
files, with Access denied errors.

Anyone seen this before? What do we need to do differently? The NetBackup
client service is installed as a system service so there is no reason it
should be denied access to files.



Jason Ahrens, Systems Analyst
TELUS Enterprise Solutions
The Future is Friendly

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