[Veritas-bu] WinError 5

2001-12-27 10:07:47
Subject: [Veritas-bu] WinError 5
From: fx AT veritas DOT com (fx [François-Xavier Peretmere])
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 16:07:47 +0100
> From: Jason Ahrens [mailto:Jason.Ahrens AT telus DOT com]
> Sent: Friday 21 December, 2001 16:15

> In our veritas logs we see many errors like this on NT/2000 systems:

 With or w/o OTM?

> 1008083667 1 4 16 veritasmedia1 38889 0 0 catest2 bpbrm from client catest2:
> ERR - failure reading file: C:\WINNT\Help\mail\mrc06_2.htm (WIN32 5: Access 
> is denied. )
> This is obviously not a good thing, and has been traced to our inability to
> do full restores. Win error 5 causes Veritas to grab the file name, but no
> data (0 byte restores). The files that are refused are 'random' on each
> system install, but consistent across any given install (I think)

 The file is locked by some process. A locked process can't be read,
whatever the account you're using. You may use SysInternals' handle utility
to know which process is locking the file :

 Amicalement, fx.

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