[Veritas-bu] migrate tapes to new library?

2001-12-11 22:50:49
Subject: [Veritas-bu] migrate tapes to new library?
From: scott.kendall AT abbott DOT com (scott.kendall AT abbott DOT com)
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:50:49 -0600
The volume is actually tied to the media server, not the library.  To move a
volume and information about it from one media server to another (including
changing the media server that will be used for future backups to the tape if
it is still active and the media server used for future restores) use...

bpmedia -movedb -ev media_id -oldserver old_server -newserver new_server

If the old media server is already gone, you have to use bpimage instead.  The
problem with this is that only the image catalog on the master is updated.
The data about the volume that was on the old media server isn't moved to the
new media server, so there will be issues with the volume not being unassigned
properly (causing it not to be reused).

bpimage -id media_id -oldserver old_server -newserver new_server

- Scott

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[Veritas-bu] migrate tapes to new library?                   
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We have moved one of our tape libraries to a
another media server.  This was done by creating
a new library on the other media server which
now has three libraries.  The library had 900+
tapes assigned to it before moving.

Now I need to restore a database from a couple
of the tapes that are assigned to the old library
definition.  How do I take these tapes and re-assign
them to the new library without losing the data
or having to import the tapes (as that takes
~8hrs per tape)?

Ken Sibley
Sr. Unix Administrator
Accor Economy Lodging
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