[Veritas-bu] How will NetBackup behave

2001-12-07 13:05:20
Subject: [Veritas-bu] How will NetBackup behave
From: Jason.Ahrens AT telus DOT com (Jason Ahrens)
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 13:05:20 -0500
If I turn off multiplexing of the 8pm backups, will that cause a more
desirable behaviour of having the 1am backup start when the next 8pm backup

Is there a more elegant way to do this? This is something that will become a
requirement here occasionally. That is, having some systems start at a
different time than the rest of the classes (in the middle of the normal
window) with a small window for backups.


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> the 1am backups will wait for an available drive.  The 
> implication is that
> the 8pm backup jobs that are ACTIVE will have to finish, since it is
> multiplexed, it is only finished when the last MPX job submitted is
> finished.  The class priority is not a preemptive feature, 
> therefore ACTIVE
> jobs do not look to see there is a higher priority class 
> waiting for a tape
> drive.  I believe bpsched will examine the queued jobs and 
> see the 1am jobs
> have a higher priority and thus will submit them now before 
> any 8pm jobs
> continue to run, but again this scenario is a bit skewed 
> because of MPX,
> non-MPX would probably be a better scenario for this explanation.
> I'm trying to remember if I have tested this before or 
> not...I know I have
> used class priority before.
> It all depends on whether bpsched examines the queued jobs or 
> if once they
> are queued, their order is set.
> So, Veritas am I close?
> David
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> Subject: [Veritas-bu] How will NetBackup behave
> In this scenario, does anyone know how NetBackup will behave.
> At 8pm, a large number of backup jobs are queued. 
> Multiplexing is enabled
> for these backups. Priority of these backups is 0. Retention 
> level is 4
> weeks.
> At 1am, more backups start. Possible the original set from 8pm are not
> finished yet. Priority of these backups is 5. Retention is 1 year.
> I know NetBackup will not mix backups with different 
> retentions on the same
> tape. However NetBackup will give those 1am backups a higher 
> priority and
> perform them when it determines is it's first opportunity 
> (given that they
> have a higher priority)
> My quesiton is, when will NetBackup determin is it's 'first 
> opportunity'.
> Does it have to wait until the original Priority 0 backups 
> are done? During
> a  tape change? Because the original set of Priority 0 backups are
> multiplexed, there should not be a point in time when images 
> are not being
> sent to them until the set is done, but this kindof breaks 
> off the idea of
> setting a priority to happen at 'first available' opportunity...
> Thanks
> Jason
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