[Veritas-bu] How will NetBackup behave

2001-12-07 09:50:36
Subject: [Veritas-bu] How will NetBackup behave
From: Jason.Ahrens AT telus DOT com (Jason Ahrens)
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 09:50:36 -0500
In this scenario, does anyone know how NetBackup will behave.

At 8pm, a large number of backup jobs are queued. Multiplexing is enabled
for these backups. Priority of these backups is 0. Retention level is 4
At 1am, more backups start. Possible the original set from 8pm are not
finished yet. Priority of these backups is 5. Retention is 1 year.

I know NetBackup will not mix backups with different retentions on the same
tape. However NetBackup will give those 1am backups a higher priority and
perform them when it determines is it's first opportunity (given that they
have a higher priority)

My quesiton is, when will NetBackup determin is it's 'first opportunity'.
Does it have to wait until the original Priority 0 backups are done? During
a  tape change? Because the original set of Priority 0 backups are
multiplexed, there should not be a point in time when images are not being
sent to them until the set is done, but this kindof breaks off the idea of
setting a priority to happen at 'first available' opportunity...



Jason Ahrens, Systems Analyst
TELUS Enterprise Solutions
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