[Veritas-bu] Downed drives - Remote tape removal

2001-12-05 19:13:12
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Downed drives - Remote tape removal
From: scott.kendall AT abbott DOT com (scott.kendall AT abbott DOT com)
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 18:13:12 -0600
If the NetBackup/db/media/tpreq/xxxxxx file still exists on the media server
that is using the tape, you can use volmgr/bin/tpunmount to remove the tape.
On NT/W2K, I have found that this only works with the long name, not the short
name ("C:\Program Files\VERITAS\..." NOT C:\Progra~1\VERITAS\...).

If that doesn't work I try to reset the drive with Device Monitor or vmoprcmd.
In my environment that doesn't seem to work very often.

When I can't do either of them, I do the following:

Use tldtest or robtest.  robtest is just a front-end to tldtest (or whatever
other type robot it might be) that is easier to launch.  Once in tldtest, use
"s d" to view the status of the drives and then "unload dx" and "m dx sxxx" to
unload the drive and move the tape back to the slot.

I also make sure that the file is gone from the tpreq location mentioned above
and that I clear the SSO registration with "volmgr/bin/vmdareq -release -D
drive -H host" so the drive is free on the Vmd/DA host.

Then I view Device Monitor or use "volmgr/bin/vmoprcmd -d ds" to make sure the
drive does not show that it is being used.  If it still shows up, it can
usually be cleared by stopping/restarting the Device Manager service on the
host that thinks it has the drives.

- Scott

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[Veritas-bu] Downed drives - Remote tape removal             
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I'm using Netbackup Datacenter 3.41 (patched) on NT and a Exabyte 690D with
6 DLT 7000's.  Sometimes I may have to interrupt vaulting for emergency
restores or because of maintenance on servers.  After doing this the tapes
that were in use remain in the drives.

*          Is there a easy way to take the tapes out of the drives remotely?
usually walk someone through the process of doing it with the LCD panel but
that is not always convenient.

*          If I did nothing (other than 'up' the drive in Device Manager) how
long would it take the software to automatically re-use those drives that
were downed and still have the tape inside?


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