[Veritas-bu] Which NetBackup course?

2001-12-04 11:20:23
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Which NetBackup course?
From: Jeffrey_Dykzeul AT West.Raytheon DOT com (Jeffrey Dykzeul)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 08:20:23 -0800

Veritas offers three similar instructor-led courses

     1 - NetBackup 3.4 for Solaris
     2 - NetBackup 3.4 for Solaris and Windows NT and Windows 2000
     3 - NetBackup 3.4 for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000

All take 3 days. 1 & 2 cost the same amount of money ($2100US) while 3 is
less expensive ($1800US). In our environment we have NetBackup on both
Solaris and Windows, both as servers and clients. As such, I am uncertain
about which course to take. Superficially it seems like the course which
covers both Solaris and Windows would be appropriate. However, the course
description for the Solaris/Windows course looks to be rather lightweight
compared to the Solaris only or Windows only courses. Has anybody taken the
combination course and can comment?

Also, why would #3 be cheaper than #1? The published objectives and
outlines of each course are virtually identical. The Windows folks might
take offense at the implication that the training for them is less


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