[Veritas-bu] Which NetBackup course?

2001-12-04 23:39:50
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Which NetBackup course?
From: fscarfi AT mlp DOT com (Scarfi, Fran)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 23:39:50 -0500

I am currently out in Mountain View, CA at the Veritas training center
for course #2.  However I was just informed by the instructor on Monday
this is the last time they will offer the solaris and nt course
together.  He said the are going to split them up into to 2 separate
class.  1 for solaris and 1 for windows, so far I am getting good
training for both the solaris and windows course.  However my
environment is setup for a unix master and media server so, I really
don't need the windows part of the class.  The reason why #3 is cheaper,
is Veritas doesn't have to teach any extra technologies (such as unix,
linux, etc...) to students that don't know unix or any unix commands.
Yes, the windows folks may be a little offended but what can you do?  If
you have been working w/ ver 3.4 I would suggest you look into the
advanced classes.  That is where I think it's more helpful for people
that have hands on experience.  Hope this helps.

Fran Scarfi

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Which NetBackup course?


Veritas offers three similar instructor-led courses

     1 - NetBackup 3.4 for Solaris
     2 - NetBackup 3.4 for Solaris and Windows NT and Windows 2000
     3 - NetBackup 3.4 for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000

All take 3 days. 1 & 2 cost the same amount of money ($2100US) while 3
less expensive ($1800US). In our environment we have NetBackup on both
Solaris and Windows, both as servers and clients. As such, I am
about which course to take. Superficially it seems like the course which
covers both Solaris and Windows would be appropriate. However, the
description for the Solaris/Windows course looks to be rather
compared to the Solaris only or Windows only courses. Has anybody taken
combination course and can comment?

Also, why would #3 be cheaper than #1? The published objectives and
outlines of each course are virtually identical. The Windows folks might
take offense at the implication that the training for them is less


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