[Veritas-bu] SUMMARY: Re: different users restoring from user archives

2001-12-03 16:09:07
Subject: [Veritas-bu] SUMMARY: Re: different users restoring from user archives
From: alevin AT audible DOT com (Adam Levin)
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 16:09:07 -0500 (EST)
Original question is at the end of this message.

I haven't gotten many replies.  

I tried Veritas support, and according to them, user backup/archive works
differently from admin backups, in that the file permissions matter.  The
tech rep said I should try creating a unix group, putting all of these
users in that group, and running the archives from there.  That way,
anyone in the group should be able to restore.

I'm also going to see if file permissions have something to do with it --
the files I tested on were all mode 600, and so it's possible that Veritas
is being intelligent (too intelligent?) and not allowing other users to
restore files that they didn't originally have read permissions on, which
would make some sense.  I'm running another test with mode 644 files, and
that should tell me if this works or not.  If not, I'll try groups, and if
*that* doesn't work, then I guess I'm SOL.


On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Adam Levin wrote:
> Here's the situation:
> NetBackup 3.4 running on Solaris 8 Sun Sparc hardware.
> We've got a WAN.  server1 is the master, server1 and server2 are both
> media servers, and client1 uses server2's robot for backups.
> I have a user archive specified for client1 so that a group of our audio
> guys can save their work whenever they finish it.  They all need access to
> restore these files -- anyone can be called upon to re-edit an audio file,
> even if someone else originally edited it.
> So, they're archiving files from home dirs:
> /home/user1/OUT/*
> /home/user2/OUT/*
> etc.
> I tested this by creating a bunch of files in my homedir/OUT and running
> archive.  No problems.  I can run bplist as myself and see the files that
> I backed up.
> Now, I'm trying to get one of the other users to restore.  However, when I
> try bplist, I get "No entity was found".  When I try bprestore, I likewise
> get "No entity was found".  The command I'm using is:
> /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bplist -A -R -PI xaa
> xaa is one of the files I backed up.  I have tried other commands that
> work for my username, but they do not work for his (like -R OUT/*).
> Obviously, I can't bprestore if I can't even see the files in bplist.
> I have tried running bp as that user, and I can see the image under "list
> images", but I can't get a filelist from it.
> Is there something having to do with user permissions (since my username
> backed it up, and it was a user archive, the other users can't see it)?
> If so, is there a way around this, because they work as a group and need
> access to all of the files that each of them individually archives.
> Thanks much,
> -Adam
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