[Veritas-bu] Host Validation Failure (entity not found 227)

2001-12-03 18:15:34
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Host Validation Failure (entity not found 227)
From: SJACOBSO AT novell DOT com (Scott Jacobson)
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 16:15:34 -0700

Very frustrating.  More frustrating that the tools are limited to
diagnoses.  The below logs excerpts were sent back from NB support
indicating where the failure is occurring, during
et_type_of_client_port: db_getCLIENT().

I agree with the diagnosis, however, nslookup, blclntcmd, host file
entries all check out.  Any suggestions would be appreciated

Master/Media Server: W2/SP2
Client: Target NW


(The request dameon sets up a connection from host,, on reserved port 698.) 

15:45:49 [2744.1888] <4> bprd: Looking for request-timeout file
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <4> bprd: File
D:\VERITAS\NetBackup\BPRD_REQUEST_TIMEOUT not found, using the default
request-timeout value of 300 seconds
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <4> connected_peer: Connection from
host,, on reserved port 698

(NetBackup does a security check to see if the host is a valid server
and fails completely.)

15:45:49 [2744.1888] <2> nb_is_valid_server: checking if is
a valid server
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <4> get_type_of_client_port: db_getCLIENT()
failed: no
entity was found (227)
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <4> hosts_equal: gethostbyname failed for NONE: No
host is known.
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <2> getsockconnected: host=netback service=bpdbm
address= protocol=tcp non-reserved port=13721
15:45:49 [2744.1888] <2> db_getCLIENT_by_hostname: db_CLIENTreceive:
entity was found 227

Scott J.

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