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2000-10-17 22:19:08
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Preemptive scheduling
From: Patrick Boyle PBoyle AT esri DOT com
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 19:19:08 -0700
to take this tread a different direction...

If your backups take too long, how long would our restore take?
Do a test of this, tell management that a complete restore of
X system will require 32 hours, and see if you get the upgrade you

This List always discusses backup issues, It's when you have
Down-time that is un-acceptable that the Backup Team
comes under fire.

And another direction...

How about this schedule, as food for thought.
1 monthly FULL backup.
1 Weekly Cumulative Backup.
Daily Differential Backups.

If most of your Backup is of stale data, this works great
for LONG Full Backups.

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Well, seeing how unsuccessful trying to see if anyone managed to do
expirations was, here's another of my backup favourites.

Can Netbackup do preemptive scheduling?

i.e.: if a full backup is running long (which full backups tend to do) and
therefore into the window for a scheduled incremental for the same drive,
is no real need for the incremental to run since the full is really in the
time frame anyway so the incremental should be preempted by the full backup
the same drive.

Can Netbackup scheduling be configured to do this and if so how?

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