[Veritas-bu] Massive restores?

2000-09-21 12:02:40
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Massive restores?
From: McMurphy, Tim Tim.McMurphy AT cdcgy DOT com
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:02:40 -0600
Interesting. We have restored (moved) whole volumes (30 gig in 9 hours) with
all the rights correctly restored to the new location. We don't use TIR yet
but I am thinking about it. We will be reconfiguring our backup servers soon
and I am interested in using TIR on the new config. Any other pros & cons.

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Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Massive restores?

We do TIR backups wherever possible (Win9x and Mac clients do not
support it). We also have many big servers with many small files on

I personally think that a backup software that doesn't have a restore to
a point-in-time option is not worth the effort, for exactly the kind of
cases you just had. NBU's TIR restore of a large directory takes time -
especially in the beginning, until it gets all the information for the
actual restore: TIR info is usually kept on tapes (we were told that
otherwise the backup database becomes too large), but still - it is much
faster and more efficient than any other way you can restore a large
directory to a certain date.

More than that: we discovered that when you restore a whole Novell
volume with a regular restore - the file rights are not restored
correctly, while restoring it with TIR - puts all the original file
permissions back.


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On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, RYAN C. ANDERSON wrote:

>We just did a massive restore of a large filesystem on an important
>server and had a question on how to speed up the operation.  We did it,
>but it took a lot longer than it should have.  My challenge was to
>restore this large filesystem quickly with the most current files on it,
>but needing to get this restore off of a full that was 4 days old, and 3
>differential incremental backups.
>Is there a way to quickly get the most current files restored without
>having to manually choose the most current version of each file in each
>I somewhat know the answer to this, and that would be to do a True Image
>backup--but I understand this would be a big speed hit.  But do many of
>you realistically use the True Image functionality for *every* class? 
>Admitedly, we do use True Image backup on our large file server that has
>thousands of little user files, but doing it for every server doesn't
>seem viable.
>Or, would it have been quicker to restore everything from the full, wait
>til it completed, then restore completely each incremental, choosing the
>'overwrite' option?  The limitation of this would be that it would
>restore files that have been deleted.   
>I just came from using Legato NetWorker, and admitedly I think that
>their restore GUI/functionality is better.  But I think its the *only*
>part of their software I liked better.  Otherwise I'm a happy NetBackup
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