Re: [Networker] Way to associate nsrnmmd PID to particular drive?

2010-10-25 14:31:26
Subject: Re: [Networker] Way to associate nsrnmmd PID to particular drive?
From: Francis Swasey <Frank.Swasey AT UVM DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 14:30:07 -0400
I run on unix and there isn't even a really easy way there to tell which nsrmmd 
is tying up a

In the situation you describe, I'd be looking for an alert that some 
drive/volume was needed
for reading... and then hope you can figure out which stage/clone/backup is 
calling for that
and terminate that process on the server to clear the idle write tape (yes, 
NetWorker in my
observation gets the write target ready and then checks if the read source is 


On 10/25/10 2:19 PM, Morton, Jeffrey wrote:
> On Windows 2003, is there an easy way to determine which instance of
> nsrmmd is associated with a particular tape drive?
> I am interested as I occasionally encounter drives hung in a 'ready for
> writing, idle' status and cannont clear this without completely
> recycling the server, which is not always possible. 

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