[Networker] Stupid MS SQL backup question

2010-10-21 17:38:43
Subject: [Networker] Stupid MS SQL backup question
From: Ole Hermansen <o.hermansen AT TDCADSL DOT DK>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 23:36:09 +0200
Hi all.
I have a stupid question regarding online SQL backup.
If we assume that a database is in "Full Recovery Mode ", does it then makes
sense to do a differentaL backup?
I believe that level full and incremental should be sufficient.
In our company we make daily backups on many SQL servers, and our schedule
is set to differental every evening except Friday where we are performing
full backups.
In addition to full and differental backup, we run incremental backup
several times a day, and until now I've only been in need of full and
incremental backups for restore.
The only time I can imagine that a differental backup is needed is if the
databases were set to "Simple Recovery Mode".
Am I completely wrong ?
The reason for my question is that we daily run several Terrabytes of
differental SQL backup and would like to spend the time and resources on
something else.
Best Regards
Ole Hermansen
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