[Networker] SnapImage

2008-05-16 12:23:23
Subject: [Networker] SnapImage
From: John Hope-Bailie <johnhb AT CHANNELDATA.CO DOT ZA>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 18:22:40 +0200


I am looking for comments from anybody who is currently using SnapImage.

I have scanned my archive of this user group and most of the SnapImage
posts are all quite old.

Several have mentioned that it is still supported, but the overall
impression is that it is not widely used.

We are about to spend a whole lot of time and effort on SnapImage in a
Windows server environment.


I would really welcome a quick comment from anyone who is currently
using SnapImage with:-


Client O/S and version

NW version

SnapImage version

Size of data being backed up by SnapImage.

Overall rating of SnapImage     Poor / Acceptable /  Good


Many thanks for any responses.


John Hope-Bailie

johnhb AT DOT za


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