[Networker] Back in the Saddle Again aka scanner woes

2008-05-14 13:06:11
Subject: [Networker] Back in the Saddle Again aka scanner woes
From: Scotty Lippold <wsl AT CYPRESS DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 10:02:12 -0700
Many thank to all the support from this list. Tim nails it directly! After installation of the patch he recommended I have been able to run scanner and mmrecov. Life is good again.

It's still a bit confusing to me how my predecessor was able to do basically the same install on an E-450 without any patches or drivers added to Solaris 9 out of the box. I'm guessing he may have overlooked that part of the procedure in his documentation. I'll never know since that system is toast.

Thanks again, Scotty.

Tim Mooney wrote:

No, I meant config.  It must be new with Solaris 10:

                         config              Reads   the   drives
                                             current   configura-
                                             tion from the driver
                                             and  displays  it in
                                             st.conf format.  See
                                             st(7D)  for  defini-
                                             tion of  fields  and
                                             there meanings.

I haven't patched the server at all. Since I don't have Sun support I'll
check and see if they have any "free" ones.

Probably best.  Did you at least install from a Solaris 9 CD/DVD that
includes the latest roll-up?  It appears from that you
want at least:

    113277-60   SunOS 5.9: st, sd and ssd drivers patch


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