Re: [Networker] Fw: Recover can't find volume after "scanner -m"?

2008-05-01 03:17:58
Subject: Re: [Networker] Fw: Recover can't find volume after "scanner -m"?
From: Peter Viertel <Peter.Viertel AT MACQUARIE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 17:13:48 +1000
 I think the problem here is that it's not got into the library's
inventory, depends on how you got that tape into the drive in the first
place... Perhaps the device you are using for scanner is owned by pools
other than the one the tape should be in...

After the scanner command try one of these two things:

1.  mount the tape manually...      nsrmm -m -f <device>

2.  inventory the slot the volume was loaded from....      Nsrjb -I -S

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> Subject: [Networker] Fw: Recover can't find volume after "scanner -m"?
> > Win2003 SP2, NW 7.4.2
> > 
> > So I have an old tape, no indexes on tape. I need a set of files off
> > this tape (I know the exact names I want). Problem - tape volume is 
> > *not* listed in media db (dunno why - inadvertently erased?).
> > 
> > Anyways, I do a "scanner -v -m <device>", and then it loads back 
> > into the media db. I go to the client, and do a "saveset" recover, 
> > using the GUI client. I choose the proper date of the saveset; I 
> > specify the particular files I want; I re-direct the files to a 
> > holding directory. "Required volumes" shows me the volume I just 
> > scanned in. All things I've done before.
> > 
> > I load and mount the tape, and tell the recover to start. And it 
> > tells me the server can't find the volume. ...
> > 
> > Volume does show in the media db. Volume shows in drive (with the 
> > proper volume label). I can view the savesets on the volume, and 
> > there is the backup of the drive I am trying to recover from.
> > 
> > It *should* Just Work, yes?
> > 
> > So I missed something. But what?

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