[Networker] Incremental Backup issue on Windows Virtual Server

2007-05-30 00:40:47
Subject: [Networker] Incremental Backup issue on Windows Virtual Server
From: Barton <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 21:35:25 -0700

Anybody seen this one before? After a successful full backup of a saveset on a 
VS, subsequent incremental backups do not use the correct full backup date 
(causing huge incremental backups....) Here is an example -

May 27 05:52:51 rizzo root: [ID 702911 daemon.notice]   fsmavs02: S:\
   level=full,    178 GB 03:56:52 406120 files

May 28 05:30:50 rizzo root: [ID 702911 daemon.notice]   fsmavs02: S:\
   level=incr,    177 GB 03:34:22 400860 files

Here is what a "probe" says -

# savegrp -p -c fsmavs02

fsmavs02:Probe          level=full, pool=Windows, save as of Wed May 30 
11:45:43 GMT+0930 2007
fsmavs02:S:\            level=incr, pool=Windows, save as of Thu Nov  2 
01:59:52 GMT+1030 2006
fsmavs02:index             level=9, pool=Windows, save as of Sun May 27 
05:52:29 GMT+0930 2007

(ie it appears the incremental is backing up to Nov 2!!)

I'm guessing Networker is finding the last full backup of this vs on a 
different physical server (there are only 2 physical servers in this particular 
cluster) Are there any known issues with Networker when virtual servers 
failover to different physical servers? (my knowledge ot this product is rather 

We are using Networker 7.3.2 , server is Solaris 10. System times and dates are 
correct and synced on  server and all clients. 

We have many other incremental backups across unix and windows using this 
server and there are no problems, this issue only occurs on virtual servers.  

Any suggestions and ideas appreciatively received! Thanks

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