[Networker] Disk read / write problems with NetWorker

2007-05-24 05:31:55
Subject: [Networker] Disk read / write problems with NetWorker
From: Vince Howard <V.Howard AT WANSBECK.GOV DOT UK>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 10:29:12 +0100
Before I raise a call with HP, I just wanted to check whether anyone has
seen these problems with adv_file disks under NetWorker v7.2 Build 494
(7.2.2 Jumbo).
Problems writing:
05/24/07 01:34:37 nsrmmd #10: Cannot write to
4-016e0000-0a454501>  - errno=22
05/24/07 01:34:37 nsrd: media emergency: Cannot write to
4-016e0000-0a454501>  - errno=22

Problems reading:
05/22/07 16:12:44 nsrd: cloning session:1 of 5 save set(s) reading from
daily.disk.backup.002 3278 MB of 4970 MB
05/22/07 16:15:29 nsrmmd #9: Read operation failed and aborted.
05/22/07 16:15:29 nsrd: nw_server:cloning session done saving to pool
'Daily Stage' (daily.stage.05.G)
05/22/07 16:15:29 nsrd: cloning session:save sets done reading 4970 MB
05/22/07 16:15:29 ansrd: ansrd_clone FAILED: errnum is 15022 and errstr
is cannot open
6-025b0000-0a454501>  file: Invalid argument
05/22/07 16:15:29 ansrd: failed to execute MODE_CLONE
05/22/07 16:15:30 nsrd: write completion notice: Writing to volume
daily.stage.05.G complete


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