Re: [Networker] Disk read / write problems with NetWorker

2007-05-24 10:01:46
Subject: Re: [Networker] Disk read / write problems with NetWorker
From: Vince Howard <V.Howard AT WANSBECK.GOV DOT UK>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 14:58:54 +0100
Thanks Thierry, I've downloaded and applied the hotfix from the link you
supplied. I will monitor this situation to see if it has been resolved.

Best regards,
Vince Howard
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From: Faidherbe, Thierry [mailto:Thierry.Faidherbe AT hp DOT com] 
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:10 PM
To: EMC NetWorker discussion; Vince Howard
Subject: RE: [Networker] Disk read / write problems with NetWorker

I believe you are suffering of this problem.



EMC Technical Alert for NetWorker

February 28, 2007 

EMC Software issues technical alerts to proactively communicate
information to EMC Software customers when a product issue may cause
unexpected behavior or any kind of data loss. 

Please read and utilize the information in this technical alert to avoid
any situation that might arise from the problem(s) described herein. If
you have any questions regarding this technical alert, please contact
EMC Software Technical Support.

Read this note if you are:
Currently using advanced file type devices and staging on EMC NetWorker
Server or Storage Node 7.x.x (all supported operating systems).

Vendor Name:
EMC, Inc. 

Description of Problem
Security: Potential for data loss on Advanced File Type devices
In certain rare occurrences with the use of advanced file type devices
and staging, under an extremely heavy load, savesets may be removed from
the advanced file type device before they are staged to another volume
and cannot be recovered. Such instances are confined to advanced file
type devices only and occur in highly exceptional conditions.

Problem Resolution:
Although the possibility of this problem is small, EMC strongly
recommends that you install the fixes made available on all NetWorker
Servers and Storage Nodes configured to use advanced file type devices
and staging. A hot-fix is available for NetWorker 7.2.2 Jumbo and the
fix for 7.3.x is included in the full package release, 7.3.2 Jumbo
Update 1. Consequently, customers at 7.2.x or lower will need to upgrade
to the 7.2.2 jumbo version of NetWorker located on Powerlink at [Home ->
Support -> Downloads and Patches -> Downloads D-R -> NetWorker]
then apply the hot-fix.

To access the NetWorker 7.2.2 Jumbo hot-fix, go to:

To access NetWorker 7.3.2 Jumbo Update 1, go to:

and download the appropriate version for your environment. A readme file
is included in the ftp location.
For a technical description regarding this issue (LGTpa94099) and the
fixes please review Knowledge Base article esg80364 and the "Fixed
Problem" section of the NetWorker 7.2.2 or 7.3.2 Release Notes available
on Powerlink [Home -> Support -> Documentation/White Paper Library ->
Software J-O -> NetWorker] 

Please read and utilize the information in this product alert to assist
in avoiding any situation that might arise from the problem(s) described
herein. If you have any questions regarding this product alert, please
contact EMC Software Technical Support via

Best Regards,
EMC Software Technical Support


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